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My Initiation Into Kitchen Witchery

I’ve been interested in domestic witchcraft for years and have been magickally fortifying my living spaces since I was a neophyte in the Craft.  The one place I never flexed my magickal muscles, however, was the kitchen.  I was always too intimidated.  Then I… Continue Reading “My Initiation Into Kitchen Witchery”

The Magic of Fall Festivals

I love Autumn.  There is no season like it.  The air is crisp, the colors intoxicating, and the seasonal selection of food unbeatable.  I don’t know a single human being who is not enamored with fall.  There are many ways to enjoy this season… Continue Reading “The Magic of Fall Festivals”

Coming Out of the Broom Closet . . . Again

Coming out of the broom closet the first time was easy.  I was a sophomore in college, young, brazen, and drunk off my newfound independence.  I didn’t worry about harassment or discrimination.  As a young, black, woman I ate that kind of stuff for… Continue Reading “Coming Out of the Broom Closet . . . Again”